Why does Canada require more immigrants?

Canada supports high levels of immigration in order to maintain its robust economy. Canada has an aging population and a lower birth rate than most other nations. Pressure on the economy and finances result from this. Canada’s economy is not growing quickly enough to generate enough cash to pay for services like health care, education, and other essential components of a good standard of living. Canada today heavily relies on immigration to increase its population, labor force, and overall economic growth.

Since 1988, Canada has consistently accepted more than 200,000 immigrants yearly. Its levels have risen to above 400,000 annually in recent years. In comparison to the United States, Canada has received around three times as many immigrants per person.

The number of immigrants entering Canada may progressively rise over the coming years. A robust economy and sound financial situation continue to depend heavily on immigration.

Last but not least, immigration can promote increased government spending and a stronger tax base in Canada.

Identify The Myths Regarding The Immigration Process In Canada When Making Plans For Canadian PR

When you plan for Canada PR, managing the immigration process might be disastrous because of the regulations, values, and methods that create a disorganized process. There are some untrue myths about the immigration procedure to Canada.

Myth 1: Eternal Permanent Residency
Once you acquire the PR card during your Canada immigration process to apply for Canada PR, you might think your permanent residency in Canada will be permanent. However, if the Canadian government decides that you still need to fulfill your obligations in order to maintain your Canada PR successfully, your status as a permanent resident may be put to the test. Additionally, another process that can affect your permanent status is Canadian citizenship.

Myth 2: As a permanent resident, you can stay in a foreign country for as long as you like.
Many immigrants want to spend time outside of Canada for leisure, work, or vacation. The Canadian government does not impose any restrictions on your admission or exit, but you must make sure you spend time inside its borders in order to fulfill your commitments. If you stay for more than two out of every five years, you risk losing your status as a permanent resident. This could complicate your PR status in Canada.

Myth 3: Even a small lie on your application will not prevent someone from hanging out with you.
Your PR should only contain true and correct data or information. You risk losing your right to live and work in Canada if you knowingly provide inaccurate or fraudulent information.

Myth 4: If you lose your PR card, you are no longer a permanent resident.
You might not realize that if you lose your PR card unintentionally, your status as a permanent resident could be terminated. As it shows your citizenship, you must make arrangements for a replacement by contacting your local government’s immigration office.

Myth No. 5: To Qualify for PR, You Must Be Married
It would be helpful if you didn’t think getting a green card required being married. However, the Canadian government does not view marriage as a need to secure permanent residence in Canada.

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