Dubai Tourist Visa

Dubai is one of the world-famous destinations known for tourism in 2022. It is much popularly known for its rich culture and outstanding lifestyle in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Every year millions of people from all over the world visit and have a wonderful time in Dubai.
The interest in visiting Dubai is increasing year by year. Additionally, Indians remain as the top international source market for arriving in Dubai. Last year, 16 million international people travelled to Dubai on visit purpose, and Indians accounted for over 2 million travellers.
What is a Dubai Tourist Visa?
If you are a non-citizen aiming to visit Dubai, then you need to get a Visit Visa. With this visa, you are allowed to spend your leisure time within this world-famous city of UAE. ​
This is a short-period visa. You may be expected to leave the country after 30 or 90 days. However, there are even ways to convert the UAE Visit Visa to either an employment or residence visa.
What are the eligibility criteria for Dubai Visa?
What Documents are Needed for a Dubai Visit Visa?
How to Apply for a Dubai Tourist Visa?
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