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A lot of people are confused about what an L1 visa is, how it works, and who can apply for one. This is understandable because the law around this type of visa has changed a few times in recent years. The good news is that there’s no need to be confused anymore! If you’re interested in learning more about applying for an L1 visa or green card, we have plenty of resources on our website that explain everything from start to finish.

What is a United States L1 visa ?

The United States L1 visa is a non-immigrant visa which allows overseas companies to transfer employees to the United States on a managerial capacity or specialized field of employment basis. One of the greatest L-1 visa benefits is the fact that you do not need a degree to qualify. Unlike the H1B visa that only allows you to work on the payroll of a US company, L1 visa workers can be on the payroll of the US company or an overseas company.
What are the Types of USA L1 Visas?
What are the Eligibility Criteria for an L1-B Visa?
What Documents are Required for the L1 Visa Application?
How to Apply for a L1-A Visa?
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