UK Student Visa

Every year, the UK is welcoming, almost 460,000 international students! The leading education system and a great range of education degrees make the country the most happening for the students to study in.

What is a UK student visa

A (F or M) Student Visa is required for foreign nationals to study in the United States. Foreign nationals will not be able to study in the US if they have entered through the visitor (B) visa or through the VWP (Visa Waiver Program). You can however undertake recreational studies on a tourist visa
What is the Intake for Courses in the UK?

​​The September Intake or the Autumn Intake is the main admission period for students. During this time, most universities have maximum available seats and offer scholarships to deserving candidates.

​​This is the January or the Winter Intake. Students who miss the September intake can apply during this time for a high chance of selection.

Top 10 UK Institutions for International Students in 2022 ?
What Documents are Required for a UK Student Visa?
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