South Africa Critical Skills Visa

South Africa is one of the key players in the economic boom of Africa that has created a demand for skilled workers in the country. The Critical Skills Work Visa helps the South African government to seek new and experienced foreign nationals seeking jobs and enjoy the benefits offered by the country.

What is the South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa?

This Critical Skills Visa of South Africa falls in the temporary residency visa stream and allows foreign nationals to legally live and work in South Africa for a period of up to five years. Skilled workers and professionals whose skills fall under the ‘Critical Shortage Occupations List’ can apply for this visa. The applicant can convert this visa into a work permit upon finding a job.
Documents Required for a South African Critical Skills Visa
What are the Fees Involved in Applying for a Critical Skills Visa?
You need to pay an application fee of INR 1520 to apply for a South African Critical Skills Visa. You might have to incur an additional biometrics fee depending upon your nationality and the country you are applying from.
What is the Processing Time for the Critical Skills Visa?
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