US 0-1 Visa

Thinking of working overseas in the United States? Not sure if you will make it past the H-1B backlog? The O-1 visa can get you to work in the US, provided you make the mark.

What is an 0-1 Visa?

The O-1 classification in US nonimmigrant visas is for individuals that possess extraordinary ability in certain fields or have a demonstrated record of extraordinary achievement. Extraordinary ability can be in the fields of – athletics, arts, business, education, or sciences. A record (that can be demonstrated) of extraordinary achievement in the television or motion picture industry might also make an individual eligible for the O-1.
What are the benefits of O-1 visa for the US?
How many O category visas for the US?
What is meant by extraordinary ability or achievement for O-1 visa?
An extraordinary ability – in arts, athletics, business, education, or sciences – will be needed. Achievement of the extraordinary level will be needed in the case of a foreign national in the motion picture or television industry. Due evidence will have to be provided to establish that the ability or achievement is indeed extraordinary.
What are the arts included under O-1 US visa classification?
For the purposes of an O-1 visa, ‘arts’ implies any field of creative endeavor. This includes, but is not limited to, fine arts, culinary arts, performing arts, and visual arts.
In addition to the principal creators and performers, there are other essential persons that also come under the category of arts for O-1 eligibility. For example, directors, musical supervisors, stage technicians etc.
Who will petition for my US O-1 visa?
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