Dubai (UAE) Dependent Visa

UAE has been a migrant-friendly nation with over 80% of its population being expatriates. The UAE Residence Visa (Dependent Visa) allows spouses and kids of such expatriates in Dubai or any one of the Emirates to join their family member who is living and working in Dubai.

What is a Dubai Dependent Visa?

he Dubai Dependent Visa allows you to travel and stay with your family member who is living and working in Dubai. Read on to know more.
What are the Different Types of Dubai Dependent Visas?
he type of UAE Residence Visa depends on the nature of the relationship between the dependent and the sponsor in Dubai. The UAE Residence Visa is granted to family members of expatriates in Dubai.
The following are the types of UAE Residence Visas based on the relationship between the sponsor and the dependent.
Who is Eligible for a UAE Dubai Dependent Visa?
What Documents are Required for a Dubai Dependent Visa?
How Can I Apply for a UAE Residence Visa?
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