Canada Super Visa

Thinking of visiting your children settled in Canada? Already been there on a visitor visa in the recent past, but now you plan on living with them in Canada for a longer time? You can apply for the Canada Super visa for parents and grandparents.
What is Super Visa Canada?
Who can apply for a Canada super visa?
To apply for a Super visa for Canada, you will have to be the parent / grandparent of a PR / citizen of Canada. Dependents cannot be included on a Canada Super visa application. If your spouse or partner will also be traveling to Canada with you, they will have to submit a separate application for the same.
Am I eligible for the Canada Super visa?
How long can I stay in Canada on a Super visa?
​A Super visa allows you to enter Canada many times, each time staying within the country for up to two years, without there being any requirement of getting your status renewed.
Can I stay in Canada permanently on my Super visa?
The super visa permits you to stay temporarily in Canada with your children and grandchildren that might either hold permanent resident status or be the citizens of Canada. ​
To be able to stay in Canada permanently, your Canadian child or grandchild will have to sponsor you for permanent residence through the Canadian Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP).
Do I need medical insurance for Canada Super visa?
Yes. You will need medical insurance as part of the eligibility criteria for Canada Super visa. Proper evidence that the medical insurance has been paid for will be needed. You cannot submit quotes for the same. ​ Do keep in mind that the medical insurance must be from a Canadian insurance company. The medical insurance for Canada Super visa must be valid for a minimum of one year from the date of your expected entry into Canada. It should provide coverage of at least $100,000.

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