How International Students Can Find Accommodation in Canada

Accomodation for international students in Canda

Accommodation in Canada is a problem for overseas students long before they enroll in a Canadian college or university. It might be easier to visit a new country if you know what kind of lodgings to expect. Despite the large number of Indians in Canada, finding suitable accommodation might be difficult.


There’s no reason to be concerned! Potential international students in Canada have many options. On-campus housing is less likely if you are enrolled in a college or language school. In such cases, you’ll need to look into off-campus accommodation. As an international student, you may find on-campus lodging within the country.


Consider visiting the international student office or utilising the website of your selected college or university to start your search. This article will offer helpful information to help you make an informed decision.


Accommodation Options for International Students in Canada Condominiums or dorms?

Students have the option of choosing residence living, which is a popular alternative for lodging among Indian students in Canada. Educational institutions offer these facilities, which are either on campus or nearby. Dormitories usually are large and may accommodate numerous students, whereas condominiums are more petite, self-contained residences built for groups of three to five students.


First-year college or university students choose to live in university-managed dormitories. On the other hand, students who are familiar with the country’s lifestyle choose condominiums, which may house up to six people in single-capacity rooms. The main floor of these condominiums typically includes a kitchen and living area. Both housing options include access to a restaurant or food court and facilities such as hot water and internet access.


Choosing residence accommodation over off-campus lodging is advised for people who plan to study in Canada for only one or two semesters. A furnished room in a house comprises necessities such as a bed, shelves, and a desk. The cost of living includes the option to incorporate a meal plan. Students can take advantage of residence amenities such as easy access to the library and campus facilities, allowing for a smooth adjustment to student life.


Off-campus Shared Apartments

Off-campus living costs vary depending on your dietary requirements. Off-campus shared residences look like townhouses and offer the option of living alone or with one or more roommates. While you will have a private single occupancy room, public areas such as the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and dining area are shared. Only some Canadian colleges help students find off-campus housing; moreover, they may refer you to other services specializing in housing aid. Rental rates vary from city to city.



Students seeking a familial experience frequently choose homestays, which provide a separate room and three meals per day. This option provides an immersive grasp of Canadian culture as well as increased safety due to the presence of a supporting household. Even so, universities and colleges are often far from residential communities, demanding a daily commute of 30 to 50 minutes.


Rent an Apartment

Before you arrive in Canada, you can reserve these fully equipped private rooms online. Both on-campus and off-campus housing alternatives, however, have perks and cons. On-campus living offers convenience to classes and campus amenities, access to the international student community, round-the-clock housing support, and all-inclusive utilities and meals. On the other hand, off-campus living allows you to choose your favorite location, experience additional independence, choose your housemates, look for more inexpensive possibilities, and immerse yourself in Canadian culture. Regarding the cost of student housing in Canada, on-campus housing differs depending on the university.


How can I find student housing in Canada?

Finding housing in Canada can be difficult, especially if you are new to the country and need more local resources for assistance. Many businesses make the option to help with pre-arrangement of lodging. We have already discussed the many types of lodgings accessible in Canada, including rental houses and divided units. Here are some essential ideas to help you search for student housing in Canada.


Inquire about the Services

Before deciding to rent lodging, learning about the amenities supplied by your lodging provider is critical. These amenities should include hot water, television, and internet access.


Certainty about the Meals

When choosing campus housing and selecting a food plan, being well-informed about the meal options is critical. This involves comprehending the payment terms, which frequently necessitate prior payment.


Special Services for Disabled Students

You must tell the college or university if you have a handicap and require special assistance. There are spaces specifically intended for those with special needs.


Arriving on campus early may be beneficial.

Arriving on campus earlier gives you more opportunities to become acquainted with college life. Furthermore, because many institutions operate on a “first come, first served” basis, obtaining housing as soon as possible is best.


Finding acceptable accommodation for international students in Canada may be difficult, but it is undoubtedly doable. Conducting a preliminary study before making a decision can be beneficial.


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