Canada Visit Visa: A Complete Checklist

      Canada Visit Visa: A Complete Checklist

Canada as a nation is known as the nation with the highest acceptance of immigrants. Canada is also known as a gorgeous country with many scenic wonders in the natural world, historic sites and various cultures.

While the majority of immigration applicants can obtain the Canada tourist visa quickly however, often the majority of applications are denied due to insufficient or incorrect forms, inadequate or inaccurate documents

Read on to learn everything you need to know about obtaining a tourist visa for Canada.

Who needs a visitor visa to Canada?

            Foreigners who want to travel to Canada for:

  1. Aim of tourism and leisure
  2. Gather your loved ones.
  3. Business objective
  4. Each of the aforementioned categories needs a visiting visa to enter Canada. This kind of visa is for temporary residents.

An applicant must meet the following requirements:

  1. Require a passport
  2. Must be in perfect health and have never been convicted of a crime.
  3. Must be financially stable enough to sustain your stay in Canada
  4. You must present your vacation plans and your airline tickets for the journey.
  5. Must provide evidence of one’s employment, family, and assets.
  6. Documents Required for Canada Tourist Visa


A current passport and all other required travel documentation are essential. When you apply for a visa to Canada, you must include two photocopies of your passport’s information page.

                 Included with the photocopies should be:

  1. Passport’s issuing and expiration dates
  2. Personal information from a passport, such as a portrait, name, birthplace, and date of birth

2. Photos

A minimum of two passport-size photos must be sent when you apply for a tourist visa to Canada.


3. The proof of funds

You need to provide a document that proves that you will be able to provide for the family when you visit or stay in Canada. These are the documents you must present as proof of your money:

  1. Bank statements
  2. Employment letter (to be used to show your earnings per year)
  3. Evidence of financial support from family or friends to help you pay for costs for your time in the country.
  4. The income proof of the person who will be your host during your time in Canada
  5. Other financial proofs such as PPFs, shares, property or FDs
  6. Tax filing documents from the past 3 years

4. Cover letter

It is recommended to compose a cover letter, or a declaration for Canada’s Government of Canada, explaining why they should grant you a Tourist Visa.

5. Invitation letter

If you’re planning to visit your family or friends then you must submit an invitation letter from them

6. Visa application form as well as other documents

It is necessary to download the visa application form on the IRCC website. Submit all documents (pictures of fee receipts passport copies, fee receipts as well as other documents)

7. Travel itinerary

An entire list of the travel plans you’re planning, including travel flights to and from. Indicating the destinations you are planning to visit. A detailed outline of the travel routes that you’ll take when you visit Canada.

8. A Memorandum Association as well as other papers

Self-employed applicants must submit a Memorandum of Association (company’s important corporate document) along with other documents.

9. Documents of Proof

It is essential to convince visa officers that you’re not intending to remain in Canada. The required documents include:

  • Employment proof: Employment Contract details that state that you are a permanent employee, your job position within the company and the anticipated date of return to work.
  • Lease proof or property deal: These documents prove that you’ll be returning to your home country after your trip is completed.

Note: For the students, ID cards are required and for retirees they must present their pension slips as well as retirement proofs in addition to these documents to get a tourist visa.

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