Unlock Your Career Potential in Australia: The Ultimate Guide to Permanent Work Visa

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Australia’s immigration system is working towards the nation’s economic achievements and is open now that its borders are open to immigrants from abroad. For this, a sizable number of applications for Permanent Work Visa Australia are being requested.

One must intend to study in Australia and then secure a Post-graduate Australia work study visa in order to be eligible to work there. An Australian Work Permit  2023  can be obtained quickly in this way. Yet, there are various additional possibilities to secure a work visa for Australia as an Indian or international student.

Australia Work Visa Types

Australia work permits can be essentially divided into two categories: permanent work visas and temporary work visas.Let’s look into the permanent work Visas to Australia.

Permanent Work Visa Australia

  1. Skilled Nominated Visa: As the name implies, skilled workers (those with the skills that Australia needs) are nominated to live and work permanently in the country.
  2. Skilled Independent Visa: People with skilled occupational roles are welcomed to work in Australia under this category. Despite the fact that it is a permanent visa, neither a sponsor nor an invitation are necessary.
  3. Distinguished Talent Visas : These visas are given to people who have won acclaim on a global scale for their outstanding achievements in the fields of sports, academia, research, and the arts.
  4. Employer Nominated Scheme (ENS) Visa: This category allows talented employees who have been recommended by their companies to move to Australia and work there permanently. Australia Work Visa Types

Australia Work Visa Requirements

In Australia, the point-based system allows candidates to assess their suitability during the pre-application phase.The Skill Select program offers a fair and equal opportunity to all people who want to work in Australia and trying for permanent Work Visa


Candidates possessing and gaining maximum points from the following requirements have the best chances, according to Australian government guidelines:

1.Age Requirement: Candidates between the ages of 25 and 33 receive the most points (30). Those over the age of 45 receive no points.

2. Language Proficiency: An IELTS score of at least 8 bands is required for an Australian work visa. Candidates will receive 20 points with this rating.

3. Professional Experience: Applicants who have at least a year of experience working in the nation receive 5 points.

4. Regional : Studying and residing in regional Australia earns you 5 points.

5. Community Language Proficiency: Applicants who are proficient in one or more of the nation’s community languages receive 5 points.


Applicants who have attended Australian universities and meet the conditions for a study permit receive 5 points for their application for an Australia student visa

Steps to Apply for a Work Visa to Australia?

Once the work visa requirements have been cross-checked and eligibility has been verified, the candidate(s) can move on to the next step- applying for an Australia work permit. Those who want to apply work visa for Australia from India follow the steps below:

Step 1: Make sure you meet the Skill Set requirements for the work permit.

Step 2: Depending on the type of visa, request that the employer fill out the online nomination/sponsorship form. (Not applicable to all individuals).

Step 3: Fill out the online application form for the Australian work visa category that has been shortlisted.

Step 4: Include all required documents with your application. The list includes the following documents:

  • Educational diplomas
  • Test results for English language proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE)
  • Sponsorship and nomination paperwork
  • Health insurance documentation
  • A certificate of experience
  • Any further relevant paperwork
  • Pay the application processing fees in step five.

They will receive a confirmation that their application was successfully submitted once all the processes are finished. The government will respond through email. The verification of Australian visas will begin. Depending on the visa type or category, the processing time for an Australian work permit varies. Nonetheless, the conclusion of each applicant’s Australia Work Visa application is sent to them by email.

At Glaarus Overseas Careers, we can help you determine which visa is best suited to your needs and guide you through the application process. Our team of experienced immigration consultants will work closely with you to ensure that your application is complete, accurate, and meets all the necessary requirements.

In addition to helping you obtain your work visa, we also offer a range of services to help you settle into your new life in Australia. 

If you are an Indian looking to work in Australia, contact Glaarus Overseas Careers today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your career goals. Our team is dedicated to helping you succeed and we look forward to helping you start your new life in Australia.


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