6 Eye-Opening Reasons to Migrate to Canada with PR

Canada! A beloved country and, at times, a source of immense joy for millions of Indians. The feelings that Indians have for Canada are as strong as they can possibly be. If you find that relatable and entertaining, let’s move right through to our topic: why immigrate to Canada with PR (permanent residence)? The PR status, however, is a very well-known immigration route to Canada. In Canada, you are granted a number of legal rights and privileges. There are many aspects concerning permanent residence that you should be aware of rather than just one or two, as doing so would provide access to a wide range of chances. Let’s begin!


Keynotes Regarding Canada’s PR Situation

1) To start, the answer is yes; as the name implies, it is perpetual and does not lapse or expire.

2) You are free to travel between provinces and remain in the nation for as long as you like.

3) You can also arrange for your spouse and kids to be sponsored to join you.

4) You must remain in the country for two out of every five years in order to maintain your PR status.

5) Assume you can sustain a three-year residency every five years. After that, you can submit an application for Canadian citizenship.

6) You can maintain your Indian citizenship even after moving to Canada on a permanent basis.

7) The Federal Skilled Worker Program and Provincial Nominee Program, which allow you to enter the nation without any Canadian experience or job offer and are both quick immigration systems, are the most well-known immigration choices for Indians.

8) There are many more advantages to PR in Canada, in addition to the obvious ones like jobs, health care, and education.


What Are The Main Advantages Of Being An Indian PR In Canada?

A Booming Economy and Exciting Employment Opportunities

Canada has a stellar reputation for having one of the largest economies in the world. Yes, it alone serves as a testimonial to the abundance of booming job opportunities in the nation. Not to add that Canada receives a number of immigrants each year and will continue to do so for some time.


Significant jobs are still being created by sectors including oil and gas, healthcare, infrastructure, and construction, among many others. Toronto, Canada, is quickly emerging as the country’s new technology hub as a result of increasing technology and its vital contributors. Major metropolitan areas like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are wonderful.


Free Access To World-Class Healthcare


It is a strong issue and important to note that large countries struggle to provide healthcare to all of their citizens. On the other hand, Canada aspires to do a better job of giving immigrants with permanent residency status access to top-notch healthcare. They have first-rate healthcare in place, provided by the greatest personnel. The majority of Canada’s cutting-edge services and facilities are free for you and your family when you have a PR status.


In Canada, High School Services Are Free


The good news is that Canadian high schools offer their inhabitants free education. You did really hear correctly! If you immigrate to Canada with a PR status, your children under the age of 18 are entitled to free public education. If you take a closer look, it’s a significant bonus and might mark a significant turning point for kids using one of the best education services available anywhere.

You can appreciate a secure setting with lots of room and hope.


Unquestionably one of the safest nations in the world, Canada is the second-largest nation on the planet. The 2019 Global Peace Index ranked Canada as the sixth safest nation in the world, and given that Canada is a multicultural nation, this accomplishment is highly commendable. People move to Canada from every corner of the globe and stay there contentedly for many years.

Social Security at Your Disposal

The advantages of having a PR and residing in Canada have been extensively discussed, and this is yet another. That is as a result of the government’s substantial investments in the populace and concern for their needs.

You can take full advantage of subsidies, basic pensions, tax advantages, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, and many other benefits if you have a PR status. Once more, this is not likely to occur in any other nations, or it would only be possible as soon as you enter the nation. We must claim that’s the specialty.

A Society With Exceptionally Warm People


The friendliness of Canada cannot be emphasized enough because it would still be insufficient. But that’s what I find most lovely about Canada. They kindly welcome visitors to the nation and give them access to all the comforts they need to live happy, fulfilling lives. Thus, they enjoy a quiet, serene, and harmonious multicultural environment at last.

Canada, in contrast to other nations, is still very positive about embracing immigrants. And did you know that every fifth person living in Canada is an immigrant from a different nation? Unexpectedly, more than half of the population in a large metropolis like Toronto is foreign-born.


What Is The Best Way For An Indian To Get PR?


To become a permanent resident of Canada, there are numerous immigration routes. We will choose either the Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Provincial Nominee Program if you want us to recommend one or two optimal ways. Not to mention that this immigration system is competitive, which means that it uses a point system to narrow the field of applicants.

The likelihood of receiving a PR ticket increases with score. The process will rate you based on your age, education, work experience, proficiency in English and French, and a number of other characteristics. And while you’re doing that, we’re here and happy to help if you need any professional support.


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